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New publication: Sources of reputation – an empirical study into the formation of reputation of regulators

In their June edition, the journal Tijdschrift voor Toezicht published an article summarizing results from two new studies from the Toezicht met Gezag projects. The article examines the most important sources of reputations for regulatory agencies. It presents findings from one study with regulatory agency employees and another with employees of regulated organizations (both done in the Netherlands). Analysis shows that these two groups have somewhat different ideas about what is most important to regulatory agency reputation. Regulated organizations say reputation comes from strict professionalism. Regulators gain a good reputation when they have high-quality staff; act within limits of law, ethics, procedures, and mandate; and communicate transparently. Employees say reputation also comes from the media and from regulatory politics. To gain a good reputation, regulators also need to be strategic with media and communications and contend with the conflicting demands of different stakeholders.

The article is only available in Dutch, reachable via this link:

DOI: 10.5553/TvT/187987052024015002002

(Photo: @iStock / Moyo Studio)